“We had an excellent experience with our 2 year old at Tadpole Academy! As a result of these lessons, our 2 year old can now swim with her head underwater and even pull herself up to catch her breath while swimming. My daughter is now so much more comfortable swimming and loves practicing holding her breath and kicking her legs. I feel confident that she is much more prepared to not only swim with adult supervision but to save herself in the event of an accident. Miss Taylor did a wonderful job working with each student to help them learn the skills and improve their confidence with the skills. I highly recommend these lessons!” JULIE BUCKNER

“Taylor is a wonderful instructor. she was the first person ever to help my 1 year old put his head under water to swim and he has loved it ever since. i looked into several swim lesson options around town and found Taylor's method to stand out among the rest. I highly recommend Tadpole Academy!”  ASHLEY KNECHT LEACH

"I am so happy that my daughter Camille (3yo) was able to participate in Taylor's class. It was a challenge for my husband and me to watch our little girl learn her new skills, but Taylor is so calm and talented that amazing progress was made After just a few days of short lessons. Camille was able to swim to side of the pool, pull herself out, retrieve objects from the pool floor, and bring herself back up.  It's absolutely amazing the confidence she has gained. This summer will be a much more fun (and safe!) summer of swimming!" EMILY CASTELLO

"We loved Tadpole Academy! My boys were so excited to show off their new swimming skills! They both love and miss Mrs. Taylor like crazy and keep asking when they can go back to Mrs. Taylor's pool ;) Thanks for everything!!!" REBEKAH OWENS

"I highly recommend. Our 3 1/2 year old daughter completed lessons today. Went from not being able to swim at all to swimming with her head down under water, holding her breath, kicking and... really swimming! Our goal was not to have the next Michael Phelps, rather just to have our child be able to survive if faced with falling in a pool, pond, etc. After two short weeks she is now swimming to the side of the pool and can pull herself out. The instructors were right there every step (or stroke I guess) of the way and very patient with all the little ones. It was truly a great experience for our whole family."REBECCA BAY​​

"I cannot recommend Tadpole Academy highly enough! Taylor is amazing with these kids. We did mommy & me swim lessons last summer & my son learned nothing. It's been a totally different experience with Tadpole Academy. I could see improvement in my 2 year old in just the first class with Tadpole Academy. Even though he was scared at first, he loved Mrs. Taylor immediately & always went to her willingly, even if he was upset & crying. That's quite a compliment from a 2 year old. Today we had our fifth lesson & he was gleefully jumping into the pool, swimming to the edge, & getting out all on his own. I'm stunned at his progress. He's been begging to go back all day. I cannot thank you enough, Taylor! This is truly a life-saving gift you've given us. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" SARAH HYDE

parent testimonials

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"Prepare yourself parents, it's as hard on you as it is your child.  Taylor does a great job with both though and is always there to reassure you and you little swimmer. it's as much about survival as it is swimming, so if you stick with it for just a couple of days you start to see the progress and payoff. Taylor does a great job of working with the children, but also being a teacher who wants them to learn for themselves.  I would recommend Tadpole Academy to anyone I know, and of course would have no problem letting my child go back."  MICHAEL CAUBLE

“Ethan now LOVES the water and I attribute this to Miss Taylor’s classes. He's not afraid to get his head underwater at all, even in the ocean. He is even naturally floating on his back. Everything was excellent!” LAURA CARNES

“This class is the BEST teaching tool because it teaches your child to swim correctly.  The basics of this teaching, as opposed to a traditional swim class, Is that the child places his/her head in the water in a correct swim fashion. Kids are NOT used to this because of years of floaties/swim jackets, etc that cause the child to sit up in the water or "bob" up and down in the water.  To them, it seems unnatural to put your face in the water and really swim. But, I knew I needed to completely trust the method and knew this was the best decision for swim lessons.  Taylor will help you and your child gain an extremely valuable tool that is life saving. She is nothing but courteous, professional, and kind-hearted with children." EMILY RYAN SINNO

"What a great swimming experience! My first child learned at a place where they take them away, he did learn to swim, but I knew my 2nd child would not go for that. So I choose Tadpole Academy. My son along with the others did not enjoy the first few days, but on the last day they didn't want to stop swimming. I loved that it was just 10 kids and not a huge pool of kids and teachers. I highly recommend it." LALIE EDGECOMBE

"We absolutely loved our experience! My daughter was swimming by the end of day 2. She had been to other places, but never looked forward to the lessons. Ms. Taylor eliminated all her anxiety at the first swim. Her calm demeanor and loving personality helped her to feel comfortable immediately and almost forget that she was learning. She told me how much she looked forward to going everyday. Highly recommend!"​​ LAUREN EDMONSTON BROWN

"​I am blown away with the progress that my 20 month old made with lessons through Tadpole Academy. He is eager to swim to us, jump in from the side of the pool and he progresses a little more each time he gets in the water. It is a huge comfort to know that he knows how to find steps or the edge of the pool and get his face out of the water if needed. I could not be more pleased with the outcome of our lessons." BRITTANY TAYLOR GUELFO