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"Absolutely loved having lessons offered in Zachary. My 19 month old thought she was a big girl swimmer after finishing "Tiny Tadpoles" class. Lol. She went from not liking water splashed in her face to being able to submerge her face & dip in the water. She even opened her eyes under water & grabbed a dive toy off the pool steps. Very impressed considering the first 3 days she was fussy & not cooperative. By the 4th day, she didn't want to get out the pool! Can't wait to enroll in Beginners class next season!!! Very professional & great location." Kranesha Mealey

"My 2 year old is extremely strong willed & definitely gave Ms. Rachel & Ms. Lindsay a run for their money but in the end it was all worth it!! We've been swimming twice since lessons ended a week ago. Taylor & her instructors were fabulous & listened to any concerns I had & best of all, their advice was spot on." Cara Branch

"After only 8 thirty minute classes, my 28 month old son is swimming. Thank you Tadpole Academy for helping me keep my baby safe! Hadley, was awesome! I explained to her in the beginning about Abel’s language delay and she continued to talk to him like every other child there and he quickly learned the routine and to trust her. Thank you Hadley and Tadpole Academy." Kelly Covington

"My 2 year old daughter, Ingrid, just finished her 8 day swimming lessons with Tadpole Academy. I am absolutely amazed at her improvement and overall success! She didn’t have any fears of water or anything like that, but she had never swum without an adult and/or puddle jumper life jacket on before. The first 2 days were really rough for me, because she just cried the entire time. So hard for me, as her parent to keep putting her through that again and again. Looking back, I am so glad I did! The instructors promised she would stop crying, and she did. I am so impressed that she can (almost) float on her back, monkey crawl to the steps, rescue herself from a pool using her elbows to get out, dive for toys, and swim across a pool!!! Only 8 days of swimming lessons! Wow!" Melissa Bordelon 

"For the first several days we had "the screaming kid" in class. Our 3 year old son was terrified of the big pool. He was forced through the motions, and each afternoon we left thinking that there's no way he will want to come back tomorrow. But he did! By day 4 we could tell that he was getting a little less fearful and more willing to jump into the pool. The turning point came during our weekend break.. we had 5 classes under our belt and we spent one Saturday outside of a class, playing in the pool at a family member's house. We would constantly reassure our son that he was getting so much better and "see this is all the things that you learned from your swimming teachers". When we returned that next week back to Tadpole class day 6, there was no more tears, no screaming. It's like the lightbulb went off that, "Hey, swimming is actually fun". It was incredible to watch our son's improvement in less than 2 weeks. And, also the other kids in class. After the first couple of days everyone feels like friends and we were cheering just as much for everyone else as we were for our own son. What a great experience and i'm sure we will be back for the next step!" Christopher LeCoq

“Mrs Taylor and her staff are so great to work with! This is our third year to take lessons at Tadpole and each year I see so much improvement! At a pool party, a cousin pushed my son into the pool without warning him. Even though he was startled, Easton kicked to the surface, swam to the edge and walked his hands along the wall to get to the steps to get out safely. Without these lessons, that incident could’ve ended very differently. So thankful for the skills we have learned at Tadpole. We will be back next year for strokes!" Emily Bertholot

​"Another great year with Tadpole Academy! Thank you Hadley and Bert! The 1st week there were lots of tears shed but they were patient and kept working with Gia and the 2nd week she was smiling and laughing the whole time! 2.5 years old and jumping into the deep end! Can’t wait to sign up for next year. Highly recommend to any family with a pool. Thank you for coming to our home town Tadpole Academy!" Liz Pardi

​"Our son was terrified the first day and by the third, just as promised, he was begging me not to leave. He has learned so much and the coaches were amazing! I cannot say enough good things about this experience and Tadpole Academy. We will definitely be back for strokes! Please come back to New Roads so we can see y’all again!" Reagan Dawson

​"My 16 month old daughter just finished Tiny Tadpoles in Watson last week and I have nothing but great things to say about the entire experience. The instructors were so great with kids and my daughter loved them! She never wanted to leave when class was done. My daughter far surpassed my expectations of what she would get out of this class and by the end she was holding her breath, swimming completely underwater, and loving swimming! We will be back next season for the beginner class." KK LeFeaux

"My grand baby just completed a swimming session with Tadpole Academy. This experience was worth every penny. I loved the experience. My three year old is doing AWESOME. I never thought she would accomplish as much as she has in eight days. See you next year!" Regina Bynum

"Such a dramatic change seen in two 5 year olds in just 5 days!! Mrs. Taylor made them feel very comfortable and excited for class by day three!! They are already swimming all over without their floaties, jumping in without holding their nose and diving to the bottom of the pool to get rings/pool toys!! I can't wait to see how this week goes!!" Amber Carson

"I can't put into words how amazing these lessons were! Taylor and her team work miracles! They took a child who was terrified of the water and turned into a child that we can't keep out of the water in a two week beginner course. Simply amazing to me!" Kristi Fujii

"My grandson Mason is attending 6:30pm class in New Roads. He’s did more with y’all in 3 days then he’s done in 3 years. I’ve never seen him so excited about attending swimming lessons each day. Thanks so much for helping him feel confident in himself, and safe. You guys ROCK!" Lori Sanders