Very IMPORTANT! Please OPT IN to emails and text messaging when signing up for an account. This is how we communicate with you during lessons and send your child's underwater photos. Thank you!

TINY TADPOLES & BEGINNER CLASS  Eight consecutive 30-minute lessons. Classes will be held Monday through Friday of week 1 and Monday through Wednesday of week 2. Thursday and Friday of week 2 will be reserved for make-up classes if the entire class misses due to weather cancellations. If we need to make up additional time, we may also extend some classes by 10-15 minutes to cover all skills taught at Tadpole Academy. Cost is $215. Price includes underwater photos of your child, a pool toy, and T-shirt, towel, or hat upon graduation. 

RED CROSS STROKES COURSES Same as above except classes are 40 minutes in length and cost $230.

​​​​​TRANSFERS  You may transfer to another class that has openings with a couple weeks notice. Please contact us at info@tadpoleacademy.com to make this transfer. Classes must have at least 5 registered participants or they will be combined with another session/time. 

CANCELLATIONS  Lessons are non-refundable. Period. If you cannot keep your child’s spot due to illness, vacation, or any other reason, you are responsible for finding another student/students to take their place. No exceptions and there are no make-up lessons for individuals. The reason we do this is because if you sign up, you are taking another child's spot of which we only have so many. We are happy to announce your open spot via our Facebook page to help you find another student. 

Please notify us at info@tadpoleacademy.com if you have arranged for another student to take the place of your child so that the new student can properly register prior to the class start date. 

REFUNDS AND MAKE-UP LESSONS  Refunds or make-up lessons will NOT be given in the case of rainy weather, including rain that makes the pool water cold, in the case of illness, if your child remains upset throughout lessons, if your child does not begin to swim by the end of lessons, if you are late or miss a lesson due to traffic, or if you have any other situation that causes your child to miss lessons.

The only make-up lessons are those that the whole class has missed due to thunderstorms or an unforeseen pool closure. 

​​Please keep ALL of these dates open in your schedule. Be assured that our goal is to make every effort to cover all skills taught in our academy with your child.