Lessons WE OFFER


1. Arrive early for EACH lesson. This will give your child time to "settle in" before getting wet and also allow you to hear our instructions before lessons begin.
2. Make sure your child participates in 100% of the lessons, never missing a turn if possible. Repetition and exposure help children settle into lessons more quickly.

3. Expose children to a swimming pool prior to lessons. Even if they just play around on the steps or move through the water in your arms, we've found comfort levels are higher if they've experienced the vastness of a pool prior to lessons. This is especially relevant for children under the age of 2 1/2.

4. Plan to take your child swimming over the weekend between weeks 1 and 2 of lessons. This boosts their chance of success and lets us know what we need to work on our last few days together.

5. Please, no goggles or masks in beginner lessons. We are trying to prepare children for an unintentional fall into a swimming pool and don't want them to be dependent on goggles. Goggles are fine for strokes courses.

6. Do not sign your child up during a time slot when they would normally take a nap. For obvious reasons, this is not setting your child up for success!

PARENT/CAREGIVER PARTICIPATION  Parents or caregivers are required to attend and participate in all beginner swim lessons. You are an integral part of your child’s success by supporting the method being taught. In the beginner class, you will hand your child to the instructor in the water and assist them out as they swim to the steps. You don’t actually get in the water, but you will get wet. Dress accordingly! Those with children enrolled in strokes courses are not required to be poolside but are asked to stay in the area outside the pool by the tables and chairs. 

REUSABLE, CLOTH SWIM DIAPERS ARE REQUIRED!!!  Reusable, cloth swim diapers are required for any swimmer that is not 100% potty trained!!! (3+ months, accident-free). These can be purchased online (I like the brand iPlay), at major retailers, or at Angel Britches in The Mall of Louisiana. They do run quite small so try a size or two up. We recommend a disposable swim diaper underneath for maximum protection. Cloth swim diapers are excellent in keeping solids contained and keeping our pool safe for all the little ones. 

If a child has an accident in the pool and solids scatter, the pool must be shut down and chemically shocked. The cost of this treatment is over $100 and will be passed along to the parent/guardian of the responsible party.

CLASS CANCELLATIONS  If lessons have to be cancelled for weather or another reason during one of those first eight days, please plan to attend a make-up lesson as determined by the instructor. 

A text message will be sent out prior to lessons if the lesson will be cancelled due to bad weather conditions. If you don’t receive a text, PLEASE PLAN ON COMING TO CLASS. In the case of quickly forming thunderstorms, sometimes it's a "game time" call and we almost always manage to have at least part of the lesson. Lessons will be cancelled in the event of lightning but lessons WILL take place if it's only raining.

​SECONDARY DROWNING  I've had a lot of questions about this so I want to be very up front with you and encourage you to do your research before signing up for our lessons. Humans who spend time in the water whether it be participating in swimming lessons, recreational swimming, or ANY water submersion, including the bathtub, have a very slight risk.

Secondary drowning is a rare phenomenon caused by small amounts of water entering the lungs while submerged in water. After exiting the water, a person could have symptoms that include: trouble breathing, chest pain, cough, sudden change in behavior, or extreme fatigue. Please watch your children carefully for up to 24 hours after any water submersion event for these symptoms and seek medical attention immediately for oxygen or ventilation treatment. 

Spitting up water and/or vomiting water are signs that water has entered the belly, not lungs, and are not symptoms of secondary drowning.

REFRESHERS (ages 3 - 6) $100   In our first four weeks of the season, we are excited to offer 4-day refreshers (NewSong Methodist in Prairieville only). These crash courses are for those Tadpoles, now 3 and older, who were independently swimming 7+ feet by the end of last summer and just need a little help getting back into form. Children enrolling in our stroke introduction course are STRONGLY encouraged to take a refresher if last summer was their first summer to swim independently. 

TINY TADPOLES (ages 6 - 24mths) $210   Our 8-day Caregiver/Child lessons are designed to ready your little tadpole for our beginner swim lessons by giving them a gentle introduction to a swimming pool. No prior aquatic experience is necessary. Children and their caregiver will be in the pool for the entire 30-minute lesson, learning basic swim and safety skills, singing songs, playing with toys, learning breath control, and getting accustomed to water over the head and face. Move at your own pace and have fun!  

BEGINNER/RED CROSS LEVEL 1 (ages 2 - 5yrs) $210   From day 1, children are taught to swim in the correct prone swimming position with their face in the water.  Children are taught to swim very quickly so we can move onto learning skills that might one day save their lives. 

But, be prepared. This method, combined with meeting the instructors for the first time, and hearing other children crying means your child will probably cry, too. Almost all of the children bond with us and start to cheer up after day 2 or 3, however, some children may take longer.

Once the crying subsides, the kids begin having the best time learning and being in the water.  Just keep remembering the end result: most children will be swimming and having a a lot of fun by the end of 8 lessons. If you feel possibly saving your child's life is worth the discomfort, we look forward to seeing you soon! 

STROKE INTRODUCTION COURSES/RED CROSS LEVEL 2 (ages 3-10) $210   Once your child is independently and confidently swimming in the prone position 7+ feet and can use arms and legs to move in the water (around the age of 3), they are ready for our stroke introduction course. This course includes refinement of freestyle with proper use of arms and legs while breathing, introduction to backstroke, front and back floating, and introduction to treading water.

STROKE DEVELOPMENT COURSES/RED CROSS LEVEL 3 (ages 4 and up) $210  After completion and mastery of a freestyle and backstroke stroke introduction course similar to above (around the age of 4-5), your Tadpole is ready for a stroke development course. Children will refine freestyle with side breaths, backstroke, and also be introduced to the breaststroke.  Additional skills include treading water, swimming to the bottom in deep water, and compact diving. 

STROKE IMPROVEMENT/RED CROSS LEVEL 4 (ages 5 and up) $210   When your big kid can swim 25 yds of freestyle and backstroke, they are ready for our stroke improvement course. Swimmers will continue to work on rotary breathing, freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke. They will also be introduced to the elementary backstroke, sidestroke, turning at wall, treading water with modified scissors, and diving in kneeling position.

OUR MAIN POOL AND CLASS NUMBERS  Prairieville lessons will be taught at NewSong Methodist Church of Prairieville in our heated pool. Pool temps are kept between 86 and 90 degrees depending on air temperature. Some of the pools we have in outlying areas are heated, some not. Lessons in non-heated pools will be scheduled for late May, June, or July.​Each class usually has a maximum of 8 students but occasionally, an extra student or two may join the class if their session was cancelled for some reason. If there are 5 or more students, an assistant will be in the pool with the lead instructor.